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Whether it’s discreet branding or full-on you’re looking for, we’ve a range of options

Branding options available on stock bags and folders


Automated screen print process used for 1 colour print only.
The print is solid colour using standard colours, the pantone matching system or metallic colours such as gold and silver. The machine has been commissioned by Nexus to print our products only so the print will always be performed in-house by our experienced printers and means we can control the quality and the lead time. Lead time: 5 days

Screen printing
Screen printing is a stencil on a silk screen mesh with a photosensitive coating which is exposed to a bright UV light through a positive film. Once developed, the unexposed areas are washed out and the ink is forced through the screen leaving the design on the bag. This is conducted in house by our printers with more than 20 years experience. Lead time: 5 days

Transfer printing
Transfer printing is ideal for full colour printing including 4 colour process. The design is printed onto a special carrier sheet which is then cover coated to hold the image. This is applied to the bag using a heat press. The main advantages are that more complex designs or branding can be achieved within a short lead time.    Lead time: 14 days

Additional Branding options available on Design bags

Screen printing (4 colour process)
Screen printing using 4 colour process screens to print tints and shades not achievable in the regular screen printing process. This method is done at our China factory on fabric before the bag is constructed and has the advantage of printing on an unrestricted area of the bag.  Lead time: 12-16 weeks


Sublimation Printing
Sublimation is perfect if you require full colour printing on your bag or lanyard. The result gives vibrant colours which are long lasting and scratch resistant. It is the application of inks onto a panel using a heat press. The sublimation process does not allow for colour control and therefore you cannot request specific pantone colours. Lead time: 12-16 weeks

Embroidery is ideal for truly stylish and high quality finish. We convert your design using digitised software to enable the embroidery machines to stitch the design onto the bag in your chosen thread and colours. Embroidery is done at our factory in China on fabric before construction of the bag to give a first class finish. Minimum 12 week lead time applies.

Branded Zipper Pullers
Branded zipper pullers are a unique way to increase brand awareness by catching the eye of your delegates. They give a designer look to your conference bag and work best when used to reinforce a corporate or event  identity.  They can be varied in size, shape and colours and Nexus can help to develop the right look for your event. Minimum 12 week leadtime applies.

printedliningPrinted Lining
Printing the lining is a great way to give a stunning high street finish to any Nexus bag or backpack.  It  is perfect for discreet branding or can provide further promotional opportunities for your event or sponsor logos.  Single or multiple colours can be printed and the lining fabric colour can also be changed. Minimum 12 week leadtime applies.


Moulded Rubber Badges
Injection moulded badges have a strong visual impact and therefore perfect for promoting your event or to enhance the promotional impact of a sponsor. They are made from thermoplastic material which gives a 3D texture to emsure your badge stands out and adds to the perceived value of your conference bag. Minimum 12 week leadtime applies.


Embossed leather
Embossed printing is ideal for an elegant shuttle effect on leather / PVC bags or folders. The design is printed onto a metal plate this is then applied to the leather bag using a heat press which creates an indented image. This process is performed on the fabric before construction of the product and therefore has a longer lead time. Lead time: 12-16 weeks.


Engraved metal plate
This style of branding creates a high quality finish which people will want use a long time after your conference. The design is machine engraved into a solid metal plate. This option looks stunning when you match the branded metal plate with the metal zippers and fittings on the bag. Lead time: 12-16 weeks


Additional Branding options available on Promotional Items


Full Colour / Digital Printing
Direct digital printing is recommended for complex logos and photographic images, as well as small to medium volume runs with a multi-colour print due to its one off setup cost. It uses inkjet technology, firing droplets of CMYK UV ink on top of one another to create full colour or solid logos and images.         Lead time: 1 Week

digitaldecalDigital Decal
Digital decals are full colour printed self-adhesive labels finished off with a flat resin coating to provide resistance from scratches and weather, meaning your message lasts longer.  As the decals are digitally printed only approximate pantone matching is achievable.  Lead time: 1 Week