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  • New novelty christmas gift packs

    Our brand new Christmas gift packs are the perfect promotional present for your staff, colleagues and customer this Christmas.

    Each pack contains your choice of face mask, eco-friendly tote bag and t-shirt in your preferred design allowing you to create your own Christmas gift pack! OR, if you have your own design, let us know and we can customise the products to suit.

    Prices start from £10.95 (excl. VAT) which includes a full colour print on the face mask, and 1 colour print on the bag and t-shirt.

    Get in touch for more information and to get started on your Christmas gift pack today!

  • The Rise of Virtual Events

    When Covid-19 cancelled everything back in March and the world came to a standstill, we had to use other ways to communicate with each other.

    We all know that we have used a lot of Zoom, FaceTime and What’s App video calls to catch up with our friends, family and colleagues whether it be every day or once a week.

    As well as personal use, these apps have also been used to allow us to take part in online training activities, business meetings and conferences all from the comfort of our own homes (internet connection permitting of course)!

    Virtual events

    It is going to be A LOT different to what we’re used to!

    There will be no venue, no hotels to stay in, no transport to sort out or coffee breaks to catch up with each other in between BUT there would still be a set agenda with speakers and plenty of content and we would still get an opportunity to interact and meet with others online.

    The planning that goes into these virtual events can take weeks or even months depending on the size and factors such as marketing, a website, registration etc… would all still need to be organised with added extras such as apps and online event guides.

    Sponsorship will still be needed and branded items such as mugs, pens, notepads, headphones, laptop sleeves and any other promotional items could be sent out prior to the event so the attendees wouldn’t have to miss out on their much loved giveaways!

    Delegate packs including various promotional items are also now available which can be sent directly to your delegates door ready for the event.

    Is this the new norm?

    There are lots of pros and cons to these online events and we know that they may not suit everybody but they are something that we may have to get used to in the future…

    Will they become the new norm? Will the virtual world take over eventually?

    It is hard for us to tell when the events industry, as we knew it, will be back to normal but whether it be a small in-person event or a huge virtual conference, we know there are ways to still keep the industry going!

  • NEW Delegate Packs

    From £6.00

    Postage incl. for UK & EU

    Posted directly to your delegates door!

    Pre-boxed Promotional Delegate Packs ideal for virtual and hybrid events!

    Send out branded goods to delegates prior to your event and reduce touch points at the conference.

    Each pack contains your choice of tote bag and a Welcome letter as standard.

    Choose from 5 options and include other items such as a branded pen, pad, reusable face mask, badge and lanyard.

    Click here to view the options and get in touch today!

  • Prepping for the Return of Events

    We know it’s hard to comprehend life going back to normal and networking at events seems like a distant memory but eventually things will things will be back up and running, maybe slightly different to what we’re used to, and we’re here to help you get prepared and plan effectively for your future events.

    Keep going!

    We totally understand that life has essentially been put on pause and we are still uncertain when large gatherings will be happening again, but it is important to remember to stay on top of your planning!

    Make the most of the time you have and get in touch with key customers, suppliers, stakeholders and designers to let them know your ideas and plans and get the ball rolling if you can.

    The way we planned events before will have to change as we will now have many more factors to consider to ensure the safety of your delegates and others.

    Location, Location, Location.

    Where you hold your conference is so important and plays a huge part in the success of your event but with some venues being closed at the moment, this may be challenging. However, there are other options to consider…

    Could you hold an outdoor event instead? We know that some have started to hold outdoor events such as outdoor cinema nights and drive in festivals. Would this work?

    Think about your location wisely and have contingency plans if the direction of lifting lockdown doesn’t go how you expected. Consider technology when looking at the location, would it be an option to also live stream the event as some may not be able to attend? Think of new and exciting ways to engage with your audience in a way that they certainly won’t forget.

    Even if you decide to hold a virtual conference with online seminars and meetings, you can still make this a great experience for everyone by sending out personalised packages with some branded goodies before or after the event so your delegates still feel very much involved.

    Key Speakers and Topics

    Plan your topics, reach out to your potential guest speakers, and decide what you may want to cover. This is the perfect opportunity to get in touch, reach out and secure the right people for your event.

    Promotional Products

    Now more than ever, it’s important to consider factors that you may have never considered before. Consider branded masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and other PPE that will help to keep you and your delegates safe.

    What measures will you be putting in place to make people feel safe? Will you provide any PPE? Where will you get this? Will there need to be any added security to help manage crowds?

    Now it is your time to talk to people and discuss what measures and safety precautions are needed.

    Get in touch with us today and we can help you with your next event!

  • On-the-go Commuter and Hospitality packs

    Brand new On-the-go packs suitable for different industry sectors to hold essentials for use when traveling, working and shopping.

    There are in four different options available to suit your needs and requirements.

    On-the-go Commuter Packs

    Option 1: Pillow pack, 10ml Hand Sanitiser with Atomiser, Customised Face Mask

    Option 2: Pillow pack, 10ml Hand Sanitiser with Atomiser, 2x Disposable Face Masks

    On-the-go Hospitality Packs

    Option 1: Pillow Pack, 10ml Hand Sanitiser with Atomiser, Customised Face Mask, 2x Neapolitan Chocolates

    Option 2: Pillow Pack, 10ml Hand Sanitiser with Atomiser, 2x Disposable Face Masks, 2x Neapolitan Chocolates


    Looking for something else? We have other pack options available if you are looking for someting in particular.

    Get in touch today to find out more!

  • Keep Your Delegates Safe

    As of the 1st of October 2020, events have been given the go-ahead to resume, providing that the infection rates remain at current levels. Following the announcement, best practice procedures are being put in place to ensure the safety of visitors and staff. With the great news of the events being given the go-ahead, strict rules implemented will mean that the way events run will differ.

    The guidance given ensured by the measures below, will allow the safe return for both events and conferences;

    • Attendees will need to pre-book and pre-register to attend events
    • Contactless registration systems will be introduced at venues to reduce waiting times and limit contact between organisers and guests
    • Paper handouts and gifts will no longer be offered during the event
    • Entrance to event or conference spaces will be staggered to reduce queuing and overall capacity will be limited to ensure social distancing can be maintained
    • Events will be planned around one way systems for visitors
    • Spaces between exhibition booths will be increased and aisles widened to achieve social distancing requirements
    • All venues will also have enhanced cleaning procedures, with hand washing and sanitising facilities at frequent intervals.

    Here at Nexus Collections, we can arrange to send personalised packages directly to your delegates before the event date ensuring your customers are fully prepared before they arrive at the venue, helping to reduce queuing and waiting time.  We can also supply a range of customised banners and personalised floor markers to encourage your delegates and staff to keep social distancing in mind at all times.

    Generate sponsorship for your conference by offering logo branding on our new PPE range. Our products include reusable facemasks, antibacterial hand sanitisers, antibacterial soap and thermal scanners.  We also offer customised safety t-shirts for delegates and staff which can be personalised and/or branded with the UK Social Distance slogan to help keep them safe during the event.

    If you need any assistance or require further information on our range of products then please get in touch +44 (0) 3330200515 or email SALES@NEXUSCOLLECTIONS.COM.


  • Keep your staff and customers safe!

    Get your business ready to reopen safely with our printed promotional goods!

    Hand Sanitisers

    Perfect for use in the workplace or on-the-go, hand sanitiser works quickly to help reduce bacteria on the hands when soap and water may not be accessible. Available in various sizes with different branding options to choose from.

    Low MOQ
    7-10 Day Leadtime 

    Prices start from £0.59 each (Excl VAT)

    Paper Soap

    Antibacterial paper soap is a convenient and compact travel essential. Just simply add water to turn the paper sheets in to liquid soap. Full colour branding option available.

    Low MOQ
    7-10 Day Leadtime 

    Prices start from £0.59 each (Excl VAT)

    Reusable Face Mask

    Reusable and protective face mask with three layers. Available with a full colour dye sublimation print to the white panel.

    Low MOQ
    7-10 Day Leadtime (approx)

    Prices from £2.49 each (Excl VAT)

    Floor Graphics

    Encourage safe distancing with these customised floor graphics perfect for the workplace. Various sizes and branding options available.

    Low MOQ
    5 Day Leadtime 

    Prices start from £1.99 each (Excl VAT)

    Information Banners

    Banners can help to commmunicate relevant safety information to customers, staff or passers by. Various designs to choose from including standard designs or your own bespoke designs.

    No MOQ
    5-7 Day Leadtime 

    Prices start from £99.99 (Excl VAT)

  • The New Norm

    As restrictions are beginning to be lifted and things are slowly starting to get back to some sort of normal, it has us wondering, will our new altered lives become the new norm?

    There is an eager desire to get some type of normality back in our lives but are there things that we want to keep from our new way of living? And what do we want to get back from our old ways if we can?

    We can all agree lockdown has been extremely testing and challenging at times, whether that be personally, in business, or both. Self-reflection has never been so paramount and maybe you’ve realised you’re more of an introverted person than expected. Maybe you’ve realised that you actually work better isolated alone with no one to distract you? Have your habits changed? Sleeping routine? Exercise routine (especially after baking all those banana breads)?

    Even when it comes to socialising, have you been lucky enough to be in lockdown with family or friends? If so, have you liked it? Reality is, we’ve probably spent more time socialising (at a distance or on zoom) with the people we love, more than usual, because we have had the time to do so. Is this something that you’ve enjoyed? The one thing we’re all guilty of is ‘not having enough time’ – but these past few months have certainly eliminated that problem.

    Here at Nexus, we have had to change the way we work like all of us. We’ve all got used to the team calls via Zoom and are still going strong with hosting weekly catchup quizzes and drinks to still give us that ‘Friday Feeling’. We have also recently started meeting up for a walk once a week for a chance to see each other in person instead of through a computer or phone screen!

    One thing we will take out of this is how important its been to have each other as support, and we will continue to ensure that we still maintain these things going forward.

    Which leads us to the question, what is your new norm? What things will you be taking forward with you and what will you revert back to?

  • Keep your staff safe!
    Encourage safe distancing with our printed Hoodies and Sweatshirts!
    All of our Hoodies and Sweatshirts are available with your company logo on the front and social distancing message on the back to meet the UK Governments social distancing guidelines.
    Available in a range of colours to match your logo.
    OR, if you have your own design in mind, just let us know.
    Prices start from £14.95. (Excl. VAT)
    Get in touch today for your free quotation and artwork proof!
    *depending on stock availabilty